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DD-WRT Control Panel. Please check out our new Features! Wi-Fi Speedchecker. Is your Wi-Fi slowing you down? One-click speed test for both Internet and Wi-Fi speed. DNSCRYPT. DNSCrypt authenticates communications between a DNS client and a DNS resolver. It prevents DNS spoofing. CIFS. JFFS2. Info SNR; DD-WRT: dd-wrt如何增加一个普通权限的用户_t0nsha's Blog … 2013-1-22 · dd-wrt无线设置_通过DD-WRT的高级技巧为无线路由器添加Linux功能 DD-WRT 是基于Linux的固件,可为低端消费者无线宽带路由器提供涡轮增压功能,将价值70美元的玩具转变为强大的网络 … www.albanvn.net - DD-WRT Control Panel : 22:27:33 up 46 days, 57 min, load average: 1.83, 1.88, 1.81. WAN IP:

At its peak, CIFS was supported by operating systems (OSes) such as Windows, Linux and Unix. CIFS used the client-server programming model in which a client program makes a request of a server program -- usually in another computer -- to access a file or pass a message to a program that runs in the server computer.

DD-WRT has built-in some special conventions. Any executable script that ends in .startup in /jffs/etc/config will be run on startup. So this remount will run every time my device boots up. This always seems to get run after DD-WRT automounts my drive assuming I always leave the drive plugged in (which I do). Jun 17, 2013 · Because of some demand, I thought to write a Tutorial on how to use a DD-WRT to auto-config all AppleTVs in a Network to connect to PlexConnect instead of Apple Trailers. The Idea behind this is simple: The router intercepts all connections to trailers.apple.com and reroutes them to the PlexConnect server. To achive this, first male shure, that PlexConnect works in the traditional way, with Jul 24, 2017 · Bug 1474539 - Default CIFS protocol changed from SMB 1.0 to SMB 3.0 in kernel 4.13, breaks mounts from some servers

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CIFS is the native file sharing protocol that Windows uses. Just right click a folder and select the Sharing option. You will also want to adjust your Windows firewall to allow for file sharing. If this is to be a file server, you will want to add the File Server Role as well. MY USB HD however is formatted with the XFS filesystem, which was not recognized under dd-wrt. Since the NAS has been so robust under the friendly software, I chose to just load the friendly firmware again. With the latest Linux Mint, probably the only thing that you need to do is 1)install cifs-utilities 2) add the line DD-wrt is an open system and this have serious advantages against proprietary firm wares: bugs are spotted and solved quicker. But this means nothing if the user doesn't upgrade the system. To sum up, depending on the user, security may have little to nothing to do with the firmware of the router itself but with the user choices and the : 22:27:33 up 46 days, 57 min, load average: 1.83, 1.88, 1.81. WAN IP: Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License Well, we’re in luck: dd-wrt has precompiled support for CIFS (also known as SMB), Microsoft’s network sharing protocol. If we’re able to mount a network share, and store our capture there, then we don’t have to worry about storage limitations. I'm trying to run a mumble server (umurmur) on my dd-wrt router (Buffalo WZR-HP-AG300H). I flashed one of the recent community versions of dd-wrt on the device (SVN Rev.: 23320), it has an Atheros CPU inside. After that I mounted a USB pendrive into the filesystem using these guides (Guide 1, Guide 2) and created writable directories. Here is