get-user — AWS CLI 1.18.100 Command Reference

Solved: Get executing user in Flow - Power Platform Community I want to do something similar (get the user who executed the flow by pressing a button in PowerApps) but I do not see those options available. I do not see any "For a selected item" type action and none of the actions I try have the dynamic content of "User email - The email address of the user … Solved: Get user info from Office 365 user ID - Power After that, I'd like to get the user's UPN or name to add it to a SharePoint list. I've tried doing that with the action of Office 365 Users (Search users, Get user profile, etc) but all of them require the user UPN or name, I can't do anything with the user ID. Solved: How to get user name of "Modified By" field of CDS Hello, I am retrieving the CDS entity records using the "List Records" action and appending specific data including "Modified By" field in arrays. I successfully receive the details of the fields, however the "Modified By" field shows GUID of the user instead of the name/email as indicated in fo

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Using Username() in DAX with Row-Level Security The trick to getting the DAX function Username() to return the user’s User Principal Name (UPN) in Power BI is to configure Row-Level Security (RLS) on the dataset within the Power BI service. If you haven’t enabled RLS, you may see some odd results. Last week I posted a video about using Row-Level security in Power BI, and in the comments of the video I received a question regarding how

Getting usernames from active directory with powershell

Apr 24, 2016 How do I get the current username in .NET using C# Gets the user name of the person who is currently logged on to the Windows operating system. AND. displays the user name of the person who started the current thread. If you test Environment.UserName using RunAs, it will give you the RunAs user account name, not the … Find windows user name within R - Stack Overflow Sys.getenv() by itself produces a fairly unreadable result. You can get all of the variable names with names(Sys.getenv()), and look up those that are interesting. – Matthew Lundberg Apr 15 '12 at 19:13 How to show or change your Git username or email address