Apr 25, 2017 · reneg-sec 0 10. Click Save to save the VPN connection. 11. Navigate to Status -> OpenVPN. 12. If Status doesn't show as "up", click the circular arrow icon under Actions to restart the service. If it still does not come up, navigate to Diagnostics -> Reboot to restart the device. 13. Ensure that Status shows as "up" before continuing. 14.

I have a number of users that recently need to work from home via OpenVPN to the office. However, they report that every one hour they have to authenticate again. "reneg-sec 36000" in server "reneg-sec 0" in client. Reply Quote 1. B. 1 Reply Last reply . B. bchan last edited by . @kiokoman said in User 'XXX' could not authenticate every 1 EdgeRouter and Ubiquiti setup with NordVPN | NordVPN set service nat rule 5000 description 'OpenVPN Clients' set service nat rule 5000 log disable set service nat rule 5000 outbound-interface vtun0 set service nat rule 5000 source address set service nat rule 5000 type masquerade commit set protocols static table 1 interface-route next-hop-interface vtun0 [solved]OPENVPN not finding CA or CRTs / Newbie Corner Nov 19, 2016 vpnux clientからの接続が約1時間で切断される(TLS soft …

Nov 19, 2016

How to set up OpenVPN with Google Authenticator on pfSense One more thing: OpenVPN renegotiates the authentication every 3600 seconds. But a Google Authenticator code is only valid for 30 seconds. So then renegotiation will fail and you will be disconnected and asked to re-enter your password (your PIN + your current Google Authenticator code). How to install and configure OpenVPN - Interserver Tips

"reneg-sec 0" in server "reneg-ser 36000" in client. FWIW I would do it like this: "reneg-sec 0" in client "reneg-sec 36000" in server. That way the server setting is controlling and one change changes the renegotiation policy.

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