The VPN kill switch is an important feature to have in a VPN service. While the chances of a connection drop are less likely when using the best VPN services, like anything, you should always have a backup plan.

What is a VPN Kill Switch (And which VPNs offer one?) Nov 16, 2015 #2884 (VPN killswitch issues (Windows)) – Deluge So if a firewall killswitch doesn't handle that, it will just see "NOT VPN" and block it causing deluge to fail. I suspect that magnet links from the browser are launching a second process, which runs into the same problem [unconfirmed].

Apr 17, 2020

3 reasons why a VPN kill switch is not optional What is a VPN internet kill switch? One of the biggest potential security breaches in VPN software occurs when the connection to your VPN service is interrupted. A VPN connection is usually very stable (as long as your internet connection is), but there can be times when it drops for a second or two. VPN Kill Switch - What Is And Why You Must Use It

your answer to this closed question is the only OpenVPN killswitch guide on the internet that doesn't involve hardcoding IPs or Ports (no other results for "openvpn" "killswitch" "groupadd"). But in my linux newbness I can't reproduce it. If I paste your stuff I'm left unable to resolve access to any internet or vpn.

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