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What is the best torrent port? - Quora Random is preferable, but only if your firewall can cope with it. Otherwise, pick a port yourself - at random - and set up your firewall for port forwarding to that specific port. No port is any better than any other, though you should avoid port Check your torrent IP If you use BitTorrent Proxy. Run torrent client with BitTorrent Proxy; Download test torrent file; Add this torrent file into torrent client; Look at the white area. How to Open a port for torrent downloading « Torrent This video tutorial shows how to open a port for torrent downloading on your computer. Click Start menu, type cmd command in Search area. In cmd window type ipconfig and press Enter. Remember or write down your IP adress. Type exit and press Enter to close cmd window. Opening a Port for uTorrent in Windows 10

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