Jul 24, 2013 · Make sure other apps and websites can cast in your home network. I'd try youtube.com, it should display the Cast button when Chromecast gets detected in Chrome Browser with Chrome Extension installed. If you can't cast from youtube on your desktop, then check if your firewall is enabled because it will cause problems with Chromecast.

What is Google Chromecast and why should you care? Importantly it uses the Google Cast protocol to get that content on your TV, so there needs to be support from the source that you're using - services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube Chromecast built-in - TV - Google Search 2020-5-25 · Cast your Android phone screen to the TV, or mirror any website on your laptop’s Chrome browser. Vacation pics and favorite videos–now bigger than ever. Your phone is the best remote.

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With a Chrome browser open, hit CTRL+O for PC or Command+O for Mac and locate the video you wish to play. This gives you the option to choose local videos from an installed hard drive, an external

2020-3-27 · The Google Cast SDK supports guest mode automatically: your app displays the Cast button if the Cast SDK finds a receiver either in guest mode or connected to the same WiFi network as the sender. Your app supports guest mode as long as it does not explicitly check for or require a WiFi connection to do Cast discovery and show the Cast button.