After you install the 1Password apps, you can start using the 1Password extension to automatically save and fill passwords on all the sites you visit on the web. But the most important thing to do is to use 1Password to change your passwords and make them stronger. Now that you have everything set up, you can get started on that now!

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1Password’s Apps. We primarily tested 1Password’s experience on Android, Windows, and Chrome (via the 1Password X extension). The apps look consistent from a design standpoint, but aren’t

1Password began life as an Apple-centric password solution, but it has since broadened its offerings to include iOS, Android, Windows, and ChromeOS. There's even a command-line tool that will work 8 Best Android Password Manager Apps For Extra Security In Dashlane Password Manager. Dashlane is a powerful password manager tool which is available for … Generating passwords on Android app — 1Password Forum

1Password vs LastPass: The best password manager is

After installing the app on an Android or iOS device, for example, 1Password allows you to snap a QR code that fills in all your information except the master password. If you're installing one of 1Password’s desktop apps, copy that QR code to the clipboard for import, tell 1Password to find the QR code on-screen, or scan it from an image. It integrates directly with Chrome to give you access to 1Password where you need it the most: in your web browser. Get the full power of 1Password without installing a desktop app. 1Password is available on all your devices: Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android, so you'll always have all your information with you. How to Use 1Password Android Autofill other Apps First, you need create an item in 1Password to restore the username and password for other apps. Then, you can turn on the auto-fill function and use your fingerprint to authorize the log in the other apps.