TCP is a more complex protocol than UDP which makes it a tad bit harder to spoof, but these complications are rarely a serious obstacle. When people say that TCP is "more reliable" than UDP, they don't refer to security. TCP is more reliable because it ensures that all segments are received in order and any lost segments are retransmitted.

Why does DNS use UDP and not TCP? - GeeksforGeeks An application can use UDP and can be reliable by using a timeout and resend at the application layer. Actually, DNS primarily uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) on port number 53 to serve requests. DNS queries consist of a single UDP request from the client followed by a single UDP … Unreliable Transport (UDP) Unreliable Transport (UDP) In this section we present measurements of throughput and jitter for UDP traffic through the Ricochet system. Throughput: UDP traffic is one-way and does not incur reverse channel contention as TCP does. Thus, the half-duplex nature of the packet radios does not affect UDP throughput. Our measurements show a maximum throughput of 50-58 kb/s for UDP traffic, across a Creating Multicasting Applications using the UDP Transport

RFC 1151 RDP - Version 2 April 1990 The 8-bit port size is probably too small to support a large range of applications. Accordingly, the port size is now 16-bits. Port numbers less than 1024 are reserved for well-defined applications. Allocable ports begin at port number 1024.

The UDP binding does not support reliable messaging because of the lightweight nature of the UDP protocol. If you need to confirm that messages are received by a remote endpoint, use a transport that supports reliable messaging like HTTP or TCP. Making a "reliable" UPD socket client/server connection Making a "reliable" UPD socket client/server connection? Close. 6. Posted by 6 years ago. Archived. Making a "reliable" UPD socket client/server connection? We're trying to make our own client/server with sockets, stackless and utilizing UDP. We want UDP because of its speed over TCP, and because, for some things, we don't care about RFC 1151 - Version 2 of the Reliable Data Protocol (RDP)

Is a reliable data transfer possible over UDP? If yes, how

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