Ptunnel is an application that allows you to reliably tunnel TCP connections to a remote host using ICMP echo request and reply packets, commonly known as ping requests and replies.

ptunnel yum install libpcap libpcap-devel flex bison -y #安装运行环境 tar zxvf PingTunnel-0.72.tar.gz cd PingTunnel make && make install #编译安装 ptunnel #开启隧道并等待连接 image 在内网终端主机中参数 实验一个 ICMP Tunnel 2011-6-1 · 运行: ./ptunnel -p -lp 8000 -da -dp 22 (这命令就是说在本地起一个ptunnel, 监听8000端口, 监听来干嘛呢? 就是tunnel给在5.5.5.5上的ptunnel服务器端, 服务器端干什么呢? 就是连接到S自己的22端口 ) 所以这里已经在本地跑了一个ptunnel 3. ptunnel - 体验盒子 - 关注网络安全 2017-4-24 · ptunnel 的更多信息 ipdecap: 可以对GRE、IPIP、6in4、esp(ipsec)协议中封装的流量进行去封装,还可以删除IEEE 802.1q(虚拟LAN)头段。 tinc: VPN(虚拟专用网络)守护进程

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tunnel_百度百科 2019-9-18 · tunnel中文译为隧道,计算机网络使用tunnel协议,当一个网络协议(传输协议)封装不同的有效载荷协议。通过使用tunnel1(例如)进行了一个不兼容的交付网络的有效载荷,或通过一个不受信任的网络提供一个安全的路径。 内网渗透/教你建立ICMP隐藏隧道 - 哔哩哔哩 ptunnel -p -lp 1080 -da -dp 3389 -x cookie-p 跳板的公网IP-lp 指定本机的监听端口-da 目标服务器的内网IP-dp 指定目标服务器的端口-x 为隧道写一个隧道密码,防止隧道滥用 在Web服务器中执行命令 ptunnel -x cookie 在攻击者的机器

2018-8-2 · icmptunnel、ptunnel 等 主要用作xx over icmp使用,相对复杂,但是可以让传统的tcp、udp木马再次有用武之地,后续探讨。当然除了以上还有很多其他工具,如linux下的PRISM(也支持mac、安卓)等等,还有很多人自己的写的python实现,可以说是现有工具

Jun 29, 2016 · Step 8: From machine 2, Ptunnel proxy will receive the ICMP packets and strip the embedded TCP request and forward the same to ptunnel server as shown below. Figure 21: Proxy sending over TCP to server and ICMP to client. Step 9: On receiving the ptunnel proxy tcp request. The server will send the response back to the Ptunnel proxy. Give your furry friend a comfy spot to rest and sleep with this luxury cat tree. This product is designed to provide your pet with the ultimate outdoor experience without ever leaving the safety and security of your home. PTUNNEL_CONTEXT_HANDLE_NOSERIALIZE. 2/14/2019; 2 minutes to read; In this article. An RPC context handle representing the tunnel (2) for the given connection. For details about the modes of the context handles, see . Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that happens when a major nerve in your hand gets pressured or squeezed. The nerve, called the median nerve, runs down your arm through a section in your Four quantum particles, each with energy E, approach the potential-energy barriers seen in the figure (Figure 1)from the left.. Rank in order, from largest to smallest, the tunneling probabilities (Ptunnel)a to (Ptunnel)d. Dec 17, 2018 · Using the right tools (such as ptunnel), encapsulate the HTTP packet that you would like to send to Google into the Ping packet (inside Payload Data).Then send it to the proxy server IP address as Jun 16, 2016 · The vulnerability could give attackers a way to set up man-in-the-middle attacks against victims by getting them to click on a link, open a Microsoft Office document or plug in a USB stick.