I've had my Hub 3 for about 2 and a half weeks and in the last few days the upload speed has suddenly become terrible, rarely reaching 0.2 mbps and often testing as 0. Beforehand this speed had been decent. The whole time I've had the hub the download speed has been nowhere near what I'm paying for,

Below is what I pulled from my home hub just there now, I would perform a speed test but its really slow and doesn't seem to do anything except check my user details constantly. Thanks in advance for anything solutions or advice its greatly appreciated . edit: just managed a speed test. Download speed achieved during the test was - 201 Kbps What Causes Slow Download and Upload Speeds? Slow Internet Speed. There are many causes of slow Internet speeds. Some of the most common include: The age of your computer. Many older devices lack the memory to achieve the best download and upload speeds, even when the Internet connection and service are strong and robust. Connection to the website/browser you're using. Why is Virgin Media Upload Speed Slow? 6 Ways to Boost But if it's slower than 50% you need to contact the support staff for a solution. This is because as mentioned above, you will get a minimum 50% promised speed be it downloading or uploading. How do I optimize my upload speeds? – Hightail Sometimes slow upload speeds are the fault of your Internet Service Provider. We recommend a high speed internet connection with high upload speeds. Often with Cable and DSL, the upload speed is significantly slower than the download speed. This will result in fast loading times for most websites and file downloads, but slow uploads.

Download Speed: 13 Ways to Increase Your Internet Speed

May 25, 2011

How to Fix slow Internet issue windows 10. Go through this method If you have an AMD Graphics or …

Download Speed: 13 Ways to Increase Your Internet Speed Test a different modem/router. The biggest cause of slowed down internet is a bad modem. For … Why have i slow download speeds on one computer but not on Oct 19, 2012 Slow Xbox One Download Speeds: How to Speed up Your Console Sometimes, your slow speeds can be resolved by a simple restart. Other times, you may need to close down extraneous software running in the background on your system. While there's no way to know what the problem is without trying a few solutions first, we've got a variety of fixes you can try to get back up to speed.