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Dec 19, 2018 The Debian Administrator's Handbook 1. The Debian Project 1.1. What Is Debian? 1.1.1. A Multi-Platform Operating System 1.1.2. The Quality of Free Software 1.1.3. The Legal Framework: A Non-Profit Organization 1.2. The Foundation Documents 1.2.1. The Commitment towards Users 1.2.2. The Debian Free Software Guidelines 1.3. The Inner Workings of the Debian Project 1.3.1. The Debian Debian 9 Stretch : Samba : AD DC : User Management This is the basic user management for Samba4 Active Directory Domain Controller. [1] Display domain users list. root@smb:~# # set password. Retype Password: User 'debian' created successfully # see many other options with "samba-tool user create --help" [3] Delete a domain user. root@smb:~# samba-tool user delete debian . Deleted user Debian - Wikipedia

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Jun 19, 2020

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